Eine Nachricht unserer Emmaus – Partner in Indien vom 3.Januar 2012


Dear Friends,


Greetings from VCDS.


Cyclone thane have totally destroyed all the means and sources of people in 5 districts. In villupuram district, in VCDS working area we got electricity on 31st midnight. But the communication was restored just few minutes ago and I am mailing you. We are safe but the fishermen and village people are very badly affected. Near 90% of the trees have been uprooted and most of the thatched houses are now roof less. And many concrete houses are broken and damaged by the tress that have uprooted and fell over the houses. 33 people from Pondicheery and Tamilnadu have died in this cyclone. The total estimate of the damage is Rs. 2000 crores. There has been a raise in the sea level and the sea has come into the living area. The fishermen are not allowed to fish for 2 weeks because the sea is still rough. Many boats have been damaged and fishing nets were washed out into the sea. 


In VCDS centers Vellakulam, Karasanur and Naravakkam almost all the tress have been uprooted. The electrical wires have been cut down still the repairing work is under progress. Nearly 700 to 1000 families were homeless and most them are old aged and children. So we request Emmaus International to help these people with their basic needs. I am here with attaching few photographs here with for your kind information.


Thank you.


Yours in Solidarity,




Vellakulam village, Kilsiviri post,
Bramadesham via-604 301
Tindivanam Taluk, Tamil Nadu

Ph: 91 4147 250580 250566

Mobile: 91 9443237274

Website: www.xlweb.com/vcds

E-mail: vcdstn@gmail.com